ZERO FUCKS CHALLENGE 3.0 - The Embodiment Experience 

Oh hey, hello, welcome!

Below you'll find everything you need to follow along and stay caught up on the challenge. If you miss a day, just schedule some time to catch up or double up for the day. Each day should take 10-15 minutes max. 

I'll also be going live on my facebook page at 11am PST every day this week to go a little deeper and answer questions. 


DAY 1 - Awareness

Watch the video and download the workbook below it for today's prompts. 

DAY 2 - Acceptance

Today's video is a closed eye process - so make sure you  have about 8 minutes to do this without interruption. aka no driving and multitasking on this one :) If it feels weird - just go with it <3 and bring any questions to the daily fb live at 11am PST!

DAY 3 - Support

How are you feeling today!?!? Day 3 is all about sourcing support from within your own body so you always have access whenever you start to notice yourself giving a fuck. This is a sustainable approach and makes a huge difference in the continued journey to giving less fucks. 

Today is another visualization so make sure you can close your eyes during the video :) 

DAY 4 - Integration

Welcome to day 4! No matter how your week has looked, trust that it's all perfect. Today goes a little deeper into your body AND gives you some practice in integrating so that this starts to become second nature and take your awareness, acceptance and support to the next level. And, it's all sourced from within so you can use this any time you need it. 

DAY 6 - Celebration + Ritual

You made it! Day 5!! Today is one of my favorite parts where we bring this all to life on an external level so you really get to step into the next level of your power! Watch the video and do the worksheet then head over to Visible AF facebook group and share how this whole experience went for you! 

Still giving too many fucks?

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