Private coaching for boss bitches
ready to make more income and impact using the power of pleasure

Hey, welcome, hi.

Can I ask you a question real quick?

On a scale of bored to burnt the fuck out, how are you currently feeling about your biz?

>>Are you sick of putting in work without seeing the results?

>>Do you dream of making an Oprah-scale impact in the world?

>>Are you afraid that if something doesn’t change soon you’ll burn out or give up on this dream?

>>Would you love to run your business from beaches and cafes all over the world?

>>Have you seen some results, but crave more consistency in income and clients coming in?

>>Is pleasure and self care always at the bottom of your to do list?

>>Are you ready to make a shit ton of money doing work you love?

Cool, amazing, perfect. You’re definitely in the right place than lol.

I 100% get how it feels to be crystal clear that this is the work you’re meant to do in the world, but freak the eff out that you’ll have to give it up at some point if you don’t start making more money and seeing some serious changes.

Somehow, you’re still here tho... maybe with a quieter and quieter voice in your head convincing you to keep going...

But at this point, what else could you do?

You’ve probably taken the courses, hired the coaches, implemented the strategies and still nothing seems to work.

>>And here’s how you’re gonna change that<<

Julia Wells.jpg

First - Hi. Julia [motherfucking] Wells here, HBIC, and put on this planet to help women unleash their full power and brilliance so they can create a business and life they’re obsessed with.

No, I’m not an overnight success story (wtf even is that anyways). But I’ve spent the last 4 years figuring out how to do business (and life) in a way that feels really fucking good, allows me to be my full self, and make a major difference in the world.

I’m thoroughly convinced that pleasure is the key to unlocking a life and business beyond our wildest dreams.

So like, how good are we talking?

Try putting all my shit in storage and becoming a full time digital nomad, staying in a pussy mansion in Crete with 15 other badass coaches, flying back and forth from Paris to NYC once a month to take a course, having soulmate clients that I’m obsessed with, new ideas and leads pouring in all the time, and the unshakeable belief that I can create anything I want…

Why am I so obsessed with teaching other women how to do this?

Because like a whole lot of women, I got my wires crossed early on thinking that the only route to success was through hard work and sacrifice.

And while that’s one way to do it (and I’m guessing we’ve all tried it at some point), what I’ve found is that it just doesn’t work for women.

We’re actually designed for pleasure. Literally. Our bodies alone are the most epic example of this.

Did you know that the clit has 8,000 nerve endings, while a penis only has 4,000? Take that motherfuckers! Hahah jk - but for real- how freaking cool is that?!?!

If I didn’t already give it away, I’m also a trained Sex, Love, and Relationship coach because the work of healing women’s wounds around visibility, love, and our power is so fucking important. After putting in over 600+ studying and applying what I learned in the training, living this way myself, and teaching hundreds of students, I have a lot to say about pleasure and empowerment.

Add that to my amazing gift of being able to unlock your voice so that content pours out of you, you create aligned offerings you sell with your eyes closed, and the unwavering belief in yourself and your work and we’ve got a boss ass bitch who is ready to take over the world with her mission.

Something tells me that you’re here because you’re ready to step into your next level and be that boss bitch who runs her business from pleasure and makes a crap ton of money you can spend living a life of luxury and investing in causes you deeply care about.

No more putting off the vacations, thinking you need to do it all yourself, and hustling your little booty off.

free julia.png

When we tap into pleasure…

we tap into our true power and genius
(both in terms of making money and how we show up and choose to live/operate)

I’ve found that for myself and my clients, success starts to come naturally when we follow what feels good (and trust that it works).

>>Imagine being the coach everyone is talking about and buying from
because they just neeeed to be in your energy and will pay thousands for your transmission and gifts….

>>Drop in to what it would be like to be able to work or launch from anywhere in the world, while booking spa days,
and having your team manage the majority of the nitty gritty like admin, tech set up and customer service...

>>Find that Pinterest board you made years ago because you’re taking an actual vacation to chill the fuck out - and oh idk,
maybe celebrate all your hard work and the fact you just blew your income goal out of the fucking water last month.


Sounds much better than sitting in yoga pants for another day, trying to figure out wtf you don’t know yet so that you can finally make this thing work...only to end up in a Netflix binge of avoidance, self-judgement and a side of Ben & Jerry’s.

Am I right or am I right?

Okay seriously tho, can you do me a favor real quick?

Pause the annoying ass voice in your head for just a second and trust whatever it is that brought you here.

Because we both know, you didn’t end up here by pure coincidence. You were guided.

And it's time to stop doing things the old way and expecting new results.

how does this all work.png

Great question.

Once we hop on our discovery call together, we’ll take a look at exactly what’s going on for you. We’ll get super clear on what you need to work on to finally get your business to the point where it can fund an epic life and go over what we’d be working on together.

I never just teach the same shit to all my clients or have them copy exactly what I did to get there.

My work is all about figuring out what works best for you and then holding you accountable as you implement it and make that your new normal (which is super important since we’ve all been trained the complete opposite and old habits die hard).

I’m also a huge fan of giving you tools and practices along the way that are custom tailored to where you’re at and what you need to embody the next level of your success.

Once we get started, every call we’ll work on mindset, strategy, and embodiment that moves you into a state of total badassery that gets you into action and moving toward your goals.

These are the times to dive deep into the beliefs and stories holding you back so we can shift and re-write them for good using practices based on science and spirituality.

We’ll also cook up some fucking sexy ass strategy that you’ll actually be excited to implement as soon as we get off the call (seriously - sometimes my clients end calls early because they already got so much and they can’t wait to go implement).

I’m alllll about business coming from a place of pleasure and flow (yes, it’s fully possible, even for you) and we’ll work to infuse this into every area of your business so you can hit those goals faster than you even planned.

This isn’t fluffy shit like bath bombs and sheet masks.

These pleasure practices are the real deal and will absolutely change every single area of your life and business (including your cash flow).

My clients constantly call in next level relationships, free shit, soul sisters, sexy bodies, more money, wild opportunities they never saw coming, and more.

You’ll also get homework to work on between each call to continue expanding and stretching into your full power as well as access to me via messenger between sessions because life happens when we’re in action, and I don’t want you staying stuck while you wait for our next call.

As a bonus, you also get a VIP day with me anywhere in the world. This is a day for you to fully fucking step into your next level vibes and alllll the pleasure. You pick where (based on my travel schedule) and I’ll handle the rest. Trust me, these are worth the entire price of the coaching package alone.


I geek out on helping badass women like you:

>>Have unshakable confidence every step of the way (imagine how much time you’ll save not sitting in doubt and over analyzing every little thing)

>>Increase your prices so you’re fully supported in doing the work you love and can afford the lifestyle you’ve been putting on your vision board for the last 5 years

>>Completely rewrite your narrative around money so you can call it in effortlessly

>>Create a marketing and social media strategy that feels easy and aligned

>>Sell shit you love, fill your private practice, and launch programs from pleasure

>>Embody the badass you are that was put on this planet to do big things


18 45-minute coaching calls to use throughout our 6 months together

Messenger access to me between calls to look over what you’ve created, get unblocked so you can quickly keep moving forward, support, brainstorming and anything else you want my help with

Welcome workbook to dive in and get major clarity before we even get started

Resources, practices and materials to do in between sessions to go even deeper and accelerate results

BONUSES aka other fun shit I’m hooking you up with:

Access to my group programs: Visible AF ($497 offer) and Social Media Seductress ($697 offer) so that you have tons of extra training and tools to accelerate your growth

Free access or super ballin’ discounts to anything I launch during your 6-months


“I came to Julia feeling stuck on where to go with my social media.  My message and images were feeling flat to me and I needed to tap back into my authenticity.  Julia in just 90 MINUTES helped me find my voice again. Not only that, but we were able to tap into why I was blocked to begin with AND I gained awareness on offerings I need to focus more on and which ones no longer serve me.  This session helped me regain a passion and momentum for my business that I felt was lacking.” - Lindsay Preston


what to expect.png

Let’s keep it real.

Your growth and results are up to you.

I can’t force you to do this work.

But here’s what I can do -

I will show the fuck up for you. I’ll hold the massive vision while you step into it. I’ll share everything I know and have learned. I can brainstorm with you and help you create aligned strategies. I can help you move through your shit quickly so you stop wasting time. I’ll save you time trying strategies that won’t work for you or aren’t necessary to get where you want to be.

Our work together will completely change how you approach life and business.

While I can’t guarantee any specific results,
here are some of the things past clients have done
as a result of our work together:

>>Created aligned offers they can’t shut up about (the key to selling with ease)

>>Raised their prices so they can work less while making the same or more

>>Designed a schedule that allows for travel, relaxing, and having a life outside of their business

>>Launched their first group program or passive income product

>>Found their content flow and start creating content effortlessly so you always have content going out(never sit there thinking you don’t know what to say again)

>>Hire [the right] support so you can stop doing everything yourself

Dot Julia.jpg


I am forever grateful to her for opening up my eyes and heart to all the deeper thoughts, feelings, and inner questions I’ve always had but never addressed. These are a few things that I tend to push aside to the back of my mind and say “I will get back to them a little later.” And we all know, that never happens! I was finally able to sit down and take some time to focus and address these inner thoughts and questions even though it put me in such an uncomfortable zone, I still felt comfortable. Working with Julia has introduced me to the mindset of all that is possible! She is such a caring, creative and fun loving person, “How could you not work with someone you can be friends with?” I would recommend Julia to anyone who is looking to start a new business, needing a fresh start or just needing a new look on life.” — Divya R.



Do you only work with coaches?
Nope. My work is for women (or those who identify as women) who run online businesses or desire to create one. I specialize in working with people who are the face of their brand and are desiring to do business in a way that doesn’t lead to burnout or dropping out.

Is your work inclusive and safe for BIWOC or trans women?
So - I’m a white (duh), cis, hetero woman that was raised pretty effin’ privileged. While I’ve done and am doing work around anti-racism, diversity, equality, and inclusion, and believe in my ability to coach anyone, I also fully own that I have my own filters and life experiences and sometimes get shit wrong. That said, if I fuck something up, I’m always open to a conversation and devoting resources to handling it in a way that honors and supports your experience. My intention is to create and hold a super safe space for all women and I’m constantly working on being the best I can be at doing that.

How do I schedule sessions with Julia?
As soon as you sign up you’ll get access to your sessions so you can book as many as you want and get all set up.

What days are sessions held on?
I coach on Tuesdays + Wednesdays. Other arrangements can be discussed as needed.

Can you guarantee specific results?
I fullllly fucking believe in my ability to increase your belief in yourself and your work. I know that when you combine mindset, strategy, and embodiment and build a business based on pleasure, anything is possible. That said, I can’t guarantee any specific results because our goals will also be built around your specific desires so it will all vary client to client.

The testimonials I’ve shared are all from past clients who’ve experienced my work and transmission in this world. They’ve shown up, did the work, and share their results from their heart. Again, no two clients are the same and no two clients will get the same results. You know, legal ish. ;)


“I was tired — physically exhausted — from daily negativity, skeptical thinking, and worrying. I can’t put a price on what it feels like to have that burden lifted. While Julia has the expertise to focus on any one area I am struggling with, she sees the big picture too. I’ll never spend another day suffering from the guilt of not pursuing the life I want to live.” -Ava S.



So, you’ve made it this far (or skipped and scrolled to this part first, lol) and I’m sure you’re wondering the price for this work.

If paying monthly is your jam, the investment is $2,000/month.

If you wanna ball out and pay in full, you’ll receive $500 off bringing the total to $11,500.

**the only additional costs would be the travel and accommodations for the VIP day

So - shall we take this to the next level?

Schedule your free discovery call here and we’ll see if it feels like the right fit.

>>> book a call - click here <<<

twirl Julia.jpg

One last thing before you go…

If this feels like a hard decision or you’re not quite sure, I want you to do the following.

Close your eyes.

Put your hand over your heart or pussy.

Take a deep breath.

And ask yourself what you should do next.

See how your body responds.

And just remember, it’s okay to feel afraid or have some fears and doubts. You’re human after all lol.

So. Figure out the next right step and I look forward to our call if that’s what’s meant to be.

To pleasure and profit,



"Julia held me accountable, and she gave me the priceless gift of self-love. I would never be at the happy place that I am in my life right now if I didn’t have her guidance and support." -Briana S.

"Julia has connected feelings and actions to figure out my ‘why.’ She has a holistically-minded approach that gets to the core values and strengths each person possesses. She is always looking at the big picture of how things fit together and tailors her sessions to whatever comes up in a focused manner so each call is productive and takes steps forward." -Sarah G.

"Knowing Julia for over a year, I already knew her energy is one of a kind. I signed up to do coaching with Julia because I knew she could help me get to the bottom of what was holding me back from stepping into my full power in many different areas of my life. I'm not new to coaching but after our first call together I was already blown away. She brought everything together in such a clear, integrated manner that left me with a tangible, visceral feeling I have returned multiple times to help with any fear I experience or when I'm taking action in a new way. The work we've done has rippled into my relationships, business, personal power, sex life, body, and visibility. Since our work together I've felt unshakable in my energy like never before, a trust and faith in my body and intuition, and radiant in the love I've been afraid to liberate before. This is work that all women need to do, and Julia is the one you want! Thank you, Julia!" -Deanne Vincent