I'm looking for someone who:

  • Is highly organized and loves to find faster more efficient ways of doing things
  • Is a self-starter and super resourceful
  • Is detail oriented, but still able to work quickly and under pressure
  • loves social media and content creation

About me and this company:

I coach women all over the world how to move from overwhelm to intentional living so they can stop with the "should-dos" and start living a life of "want-tos". My clients are high-achieving women in their 20s & 30s who have come to realize that they need to redefine success and happiness and want support doing so. I work with clients privately, host local events and workshops, and will be launching a virtual workshop series in the very near future. 
I've designed my business to be completely location independent, but my home-base is San Francisco. I have 10+ years of leadership and management experience and have worked in corporate, small business, non-profit and now run my own coaching practice full time. I'm an incredibly hard worker, but I believe that work should be fun and life is meant for living. I'm all about defining your own version of success and working from your genius. This position is extremely important as you'll be my right-hand-woman and I'll rely on you to be able to get lots done with very little supervision. We need to be able to communicate effectively, see eye to eye, and read each other's minds(jk, but that would be great).
I believe in supporting and developing the people I work with. You can count on me to empower you, lead by example, help you hone and develop your strengths and identify your weaknesses. I give direct and honest feedback and I believe that for any relationship to work we need to have respect, open communication, and trust.


Connection: I'm all about connecting with other coaches, business owners, women in my target audience, women inside my community and humans in general. I also naturally connect people with the right person/resource based on their individual needs. Deep connection is part of the secret sauce for a richer life and I'm constantly looking for opportunities to create this in my life and others.

Fun: This should be obvious, but LIFE SHOULD BE FUN! Sure there will be hard work involved, tough times, and less than ideal moments, but if something isn't feeling fun, it has to be re-evaluated. I love random dance parties, goofy pictures and wildly inappropriate humor at times. 

Growth: I'm constantly learning, growing, and evolving to become the best version of myself. I choose to surround myself with people who do the same and strive to provide the tools, encouragement, and space for those to do the same.

Integrity: Do what you say you're gonna do. Stand for something and then take action. This isn't just about ethical integrity(of course that's important too), but rather honoring your word and being able to clean things up when you aren't.


The perfect candidate is someone who is looking to take this on part-time with the possibility of eventually stepping in to a leadership role within the company. I am looking for someone who can take initiative and works well independently. You get to set your schedule and we can be flexible on hours. The bottom line is that the job must get done. This is great for someone who is looking to make a career change, wants to make some extra money on the side, or already has a flourishing Virtual Assistant business.


  • be creative and open-minded
  • fast and efficient at getting things done
  • can take instructions and run with them
  • love organizing and scheduling
  • be detail oriented and care about quality
  • have solid work experiences and references
  • fit the vibe of my community 
  • demonstrate the ability to do the work I'm looking for with little training
  • be techy and in to learning and staying up on trends
  • be able to handle multiple projects at once
  • meet deadlines and be accountable
  • goes with the flow and flexible
  • be a self-starter and is okay working remotely and setting their own hours
  • love collaborating and working with a team
  • love learning
  • take feedback and use it to grow and evolve


  • social media content creation and scheduling(you won't be writing content, mostly re-purposing what I give you or scheduling as is)
  • calendar and task management
  • scheduling and client management
  • editing and proofreading skills
  • experience using Canva, Mailchimp, Satori, and Sqaurespace(or willingness to learn on your own time)
  • Adobe suit is a bonus, but not required
  • familiar with building an email list, using leadpages, facebook ads, and opt-ins
  • great communication skills

Upon submission of this application, I will follow up with you by email if I'm interested in setting up a skype-interview. I want to get to know you and why you'd make a great addition to my team so please be thorough and show your personality!!!

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