Tired of feeling like you can't be 100% yourself?

Worried that showing your mess and imperfections will repel clients?

Sick of holding back and wondering if your bold truth will scare people off?


Hi. Sit your ass down for a second, cuz I have something I need to say.

First of all, all of this is super normal. Like, suuuper fucking normal and I see it in my clients all the time.

But also, all of these things you're currently worried about, are exactly why you aren't seeing the success you want.

Even if you had the income, client roster, and large following, none of it feels good on a soul level when you aren't 100% self expressed and speaking your bold truths.

I'm guessing that you've known for awhile that you have more to say, but you're worried that you'll lose clients if you finally say the thing you've been dying to say....

You're worried what friends, family, past clients, exes and people you don't even know will think...


I get it.

But here's the thing.

You have to stop.

The world deeply needs you to step into a higher level of service. There are so many people out there that need your work. There are causes that will benefit by you having more to give back. There are people feeling alone and unheard that need to hear your voice reminding them that they aren't alone.

Are you ready to step up and play a bigger game?