Deciding to work with Julia was the inspirational push I needed to shift my whole mindset and commit to achieving my goals and my vision for myself. I was literally tired, physically exhausted, from daily negativity, skeptical thinking, and worrying. My day-to-day life has completely changed just because of the mental shifts Julia helped me implement. I can’t put a price on what if feels like to have that burden lifted and live each day feeling happy with my life and the possibilities ahead. A truly holistic coach, Julia is able to work with me on all aspects of my life. While she has the knowledge and expertise to focus in on any one area I am struggling with, she sees the big picture too. Inevitably, these aspects are all linked together and one of Julia’s greatest strengths as a coach is that she understands this and actively works through all of it with you. I’ll never spend another day suffering from the guilt of not pursuing and living the life I want to live, and it’s only with Julia’s coaching that I have been able to take the steps to accomplish this.
— Ava G
I had such a great opportunity to attend one of Julia’s local workshops! I am forever grateful to her for opening up my eyes and heart to all the deeper thoughts, feelings, and inner questions I’ve always had but never addressed. These are a few things that I tend to push aside to the back of my mind and say “I will get back to them a little later.” And we all know, that never happens! I was finally able to sit down and take some time to focus and address these inner thoughts and questions even though it put me in such an uncomfortable zone, I still felt comfortable while at the workshop. Working with Julia has introduced me to the mindset of all that is possible! She is such a caring, creative and fun loving person, “How could you not work with someone you can be friends with?” I would recommend Julia to anyone who is looking to start a new business, needing a fresh start or just needing a new look on life.
— Divya R.
I feel so grateful for Julia and her coaching. She held me accountable, and she gave me the priceless gift of self love. I am forever grateful for everything Julia has taught me. I would never be at the happy place that I am in my life right now if I didn’t have the guidance and support from Julia. 
— Briana S.O.
How much love can I have for this girl you ask?? TONS. I am a big supporter of hiring a coach. To be the best, you have to work to be the best, and having someone in your corner with an outside perspective on your business and life is a huge asset to incorporate. She has been able to connect feelings and actions and figure out my ‘why’ for things. The best thing about Julia is that she has a holistically minded approach that helps get to the core values and strengths each person possesses. She is always looking at the big picture of how things fit together and tailors her sessions to whatever comes up but in a focused manner so each call is productive and taking steps forward. I can’t rave about her enough. She’s got a wealth of knowledge, and her style was just what I was looking for.
— Sarah G.
Working with Julia was a huge catalyst for me to find clarity, get motivated, and start taking action. When we started working together, I felt like I was spinning my wheels trying to make progress. Her consistent support - combined with some much needed tough love - motivated me to recognize the ways in which I was working against myself and self-sabotaging. With her guidance, I was able to find a path through all of that by working in alignment with my strengths and bigger vision. I would recommend her to anyone!
— Michele B