WTF is a digital nomad?


WTF is a digital nomad?

I was out with some friends last night waiting to see some stand up + discussion hosted by Berkeley native W. Kamau Bell(soooo fucking good btw-watch his Netflix special if you haven’t yet) and we got into a conversation about me leaving.

My friend Crystal was requesting that I blog more as I go as a way to show others what it looks like and how to do it. Honestly, I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m happy to share my journey lol.

Also, if you know me, you know I already share my whole life on facebook. I’m known for my vulnerable and real af posts that don’t sugarcoat shit. But I want to go a little deeper and also have a permanent place for my words.

But I really want to share here too as an easier place to follow along or come back to to binge on updates and shit.

So -

I also want to back up for a second - cuz maybe you’re wondering what even is laptop lifestyle, digital nomad, location independent, remote work, etc…

Sometimes I forget I’m so deep in the coaching world that I forget that its a fucking cesspool of jargon and it’s such a bubble of assuming the rest of the world gets it.

And while working remotely from anywhere in the world is definitely becoming more and more available to the masses, it’s still not your common lifestyle and I think a lot of people have a lot of questions.


Point 1 - there’s no one way to do this. I’m guessing it’ll look differently for everyone so my goal in having this blog is to share my version and some of the different things I’ve considered when I look at how I want to do this.

Point 2 - this will change and shift and evolve as you actually do it and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. So expect a lot of self reflection and space for curiosity.

All of that said - here’s what it’s currently looking like for me

  1. I have no idea how long I’ll be doing this for. My rough “no plan, plan” is to make it to December and then reevaluate if I want to keep doing this.

  2. I really think I’ll do best staying in one place for 1-3 months minimum. I’m a total introvert and homebody. If i am constantly moving around, I tend to feel like I have to rush to see everything. I really want the spaciousness to live somewhere. To be able to land and enjoy and explore the local culture. To not just be in tourist mode ticking things off my bucket list of “must see/do/eat” in that city. It also, will hopefully, allow me to meet people and make some good connections and allow myself to build little pockets of community. AND to be completely real, I tend to get pretty bad anxiety about the little stuff like finding a new coffee shop, going grocery shopping and finding new gyms. So i want to give my nervous system time to adjust and and move at a pace that feels really good.

  3. I know where I’m going from now until May. The rest is totally up in the air. Right now I think I’ll stay in Paris for awhile, but I want to leave myself space to see where I feel called to. I also have to be back in NYC for a weekend workshop happening once a month April-June so I’m staying somewhat nearby(aka no Asia/Australia).

  4. I’m working and running my business full time while doing all of this. This isn’t a vacation. All of my clients work with my virtually via Zoom, or we meet in person for Full Day Intensives. So all I need is my laptop and some good wifi and I’m good to go. The only thing I’m figuring out as I go is adjusting time zones and figuring out what hours I want to work now to accommodate that.

  5. I’m Airbnb-ing, staying with friends, and hopefully eventually renting apartments for 1-3 months so I have a solid base and also don’t pay airbnb all these fees, ya know? I’m also really looking at what small items I want to pack to make all of these different spaces feel like my own. I do sooo much better being in spaces that feel cozy so I know a few touches will go a long way. So far a few ideas are a salt rock night light I can plug in, a small string of battery operated fairy lights, a crystal or two for my altar space, and some kind of smell good incense situation. If you have other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

  6. Money. I have a really rough budget right now. I’m honestly doing this assuming that while in Europe, it’ll pretty much cost me about the same as living in the Bay Area. Up front it’s definitely a little more with plane tickets and some airbnbs(although a ton are steeply discounted if you stay longer term). I’ll definitely keep you guys updated on this as I go and have more actual info. I’m also gonna make a separate post about my financial situation and what that looks like because I know this is obviously a huge thing to consider when making a decision like this.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. As always, leave questions or comments below or feel free to reach out to me on social media. I’m @juliamotherfuckingwells on IG and over on fb at

Please send all the smooth travel vibes and love as I begin this journey and let me know what types of things you’d love to see covered as I travel and share my adventures!