Building Business Bliss

An 8-week private coaching program for driven female entrepreneurs + freedom seekers


Yo lady,

I see you out there...

Posting away on Facebook, buying courses, signing up for every challenge and downloading every opt-in praying it'll finally be the secret solution to make things take off in your business...

I've been there too... and I want to share something with you...

It's exactly those activities that are keeping you stuck where you're at


Tell me if any of this sound familiar...

  • You're struggling to find ways to build your business that actually feel good...

  • You sit down to work and have trouble figuring out what to focus on first...

  • You always wonder what people mean when they talk about working from your zone of genius and how you can get summa that...

  • You decided to go ahead and do what the big dawgz out there are doing, only to feel totally crappy afterwards...

  • You're stuck on how to find a genuine and authentic way to give your people great content...

  • You think you might know your strengths, but aren't actually sure you're leading with them...

  • Or maybe... you know your strengths, but not sure how to translate them in to money making activities...


I want you to know that I get you, and hear that I've got you!

I'm also gonna hit you with a hard dose of truth right now...

The way you're doing things, it's not working.

You know it, and I know it.

You're out of alignment and I want to help you change that! 

This is my jam. It's what I'm all about.

As a strengths based business coach, I love to help women get their businesses back in alignment by helping them get intimate with their strengths, values and desires and leverage the hell out of them to create one-of-a-kind businesses and success.

Here's the thing... I've been where you are. I've done bschool, and about a dozen other courses. I have enough opt-ins, worksheets, and checklists to last until 2025. It's insane. 

But no matter what I implemented, no matter how hard I worked, my business went nowhere. And things felt really crappy.

It wasn't until I started learning what my unique strengths were and how to infuse them into my business that things started to shift. And fast. I was able to grow my Facebook group by 600% in 3 months, I hired my first VA, and am collaborating with a seriously badass girlboss on my very own podcast!

But before this... I was that girl lurking in Facebook groups, giving myself 50 million pep talks to get on periscope(and still not doing it) and full of self-doubt, excuses and fear.

Oh and let's not talk about sales. Non-existent. Zip. Zero. 

I was playing seriously small. I was hiding. I was comparing myself to anyone and everyone.

I was miserable :(

But in true Julia fashion, I wasn't about to just sit and wallow in that crap. So I took action. I invested in myself and hired a business coach. I dove in to strengths assessments and really got to know myself. I looked at the pieces of my business that weren't working, I didn't enjoy, or was procrastinating and how I could infuse them with my strengths. I designed things my way. I said fuck it to what industry was doing and started doing what felt good. 


Here's why I created this program:

  • I've learned, business burnout is fo real when you're not working and leading from your strengths.

  • I want to see more women fully stepping into their greatness, doing things their way, and seeing massive success!

  • I know how much it sucks to feel stuck, invisible + frustrated despite the hard work, dedication + determination.

Here's What I know About You:

  • You want this baaaaad

  • You've been grinding hard, pushing, hustling, and still not seeing the results you want

  • The idea of being trapped in a 9-5 makes you want to cry, throw up, and die all at the same time

  • You just can't seem to figure out why the hell you can't make this work when everyone else seems to be able to



You are meant for this.

People really need what you've got!



You already know what you need to do to run a successful business, I promise.

There really is no magic pill or industry secret.

What's been missing all along are your amazing strengths, unique personality, and deepest desires and values.

Straight MIA. You just aren't using them.

You're like the salt in any recipe, without it, things are just kind of blah and boring. Add salt and watch things transform!

Anyone can post on Facebook, create a website, offer some services. But wanna see what happens when all of those things ooze personality and are designed around your strengths? 



  • Clients putting you on their vision board

  • Leading with your personality and booking clients simply because they think you're cool as shit

  • Never worrying about the competition again because you know what you offer is so unique and valuable that people would be silly to hire anyone but you

  • Having industry influencers asking you to be their guest expert, speaker, or to collaborate



If you're ready to stop with the shiny object syndrome, ditch the comparison bullshit, and actually create a business and life that works, I've got something for you.



Alignment + Hustle = Business Bliss



  • New-ish or existing entrepreneurs that are ready to trade in roadblocks for results

  • Women who value collaboration over competition

  • Someone who has tried group programs, webinars, and free content and just needs the attention of 1:1 coaching

  • Serious entrepreneurs who will give it 100% and tell their excuses to shove it

  • Anyone who isn't 100% clear on their strengths and exactly how to leverage them in their business

  • My fellow goofballs, sarcastic sistas and fun lovers who also love to work hard



Week 1: Building Your Foundation- Diving In To Your Strengths, Values + Desires

Week 2: Define Your Freedom Plan + Lifestyle Map 

Week 3: Leveraging + Infusing Your Strengths In Your Biz

Week 4: Delete + Delegate Anything Not On Your Freedom Plan

Week 5: How To Get Visible In A Way That Feels Good To You

Week 6: Strengths Based Creative Marketing

Week 7: Strengths Based Content Creation

Week 8: Strengths Based Content Implementation Strategy



1 Welcome Workbook

1x90-minute intensive

8x45-minute private calls

Unlimited messaging support



Your Myers-Briggs Assessment

The personalized 100+ page premium profile to go with your specific MBTI type(this thing is pure gold)

Other amazing random goodies I think will be perfect for our journey together

*This is not a group program. The structure is just an outline. Every session will be tailored to you and your specific needs. The most important part is that we get you in alignment. We get you unstuck. You need to be feeling good. Taking action. Seeing results. We will completely transform how you're doing life + business.

Ready To Hustle Smarter, Not Harder?

Investment: $2,499

*payment plans available