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Basic to Bringing in Bank
> Stop being bored with your own shit and start actually making money.

a free 5-day challenge from April 22-26


Your bored with your content, your offers, the way you show up - you know you’re leaving pieces out of your marketing but you don’t trust that you can show up fully and be successful.

You want offers and content that light you up, that maybe scare you a little but set your soul on fire. You’re ready to turn heads and stand out in this crowded space(and no you don’t need rainbow hair or a crazy rags to riches story to do it)

You’re really fucking good at what you do, but sometimes you question it when you see everyone else having more success and feeling like you’re grinding away with not a whole lot to show.

Even when you do crush your income goals, you feel like you had to seriously sacrifice to get there.

Your relationships are rocky, your friends haven’t heard from you recently, the laundry is piling up and you have no idea the last time you had a day off to just chill and do the things you used to love before business took over.


  • The exact strategy I’ve used to sell out group programs and sell high-end offers directly from social media posts.

    (This alone saves hours of creating sales pages and email sequences you don’t actually need to sell shit.)

  • The key to getting fully behind your offer so that it’s a fucking no-brainer for your audience to say yes and hand over the cash

  • How to create offers that get you so excited you can’t stfu about them

    (This is what makes people buy - not a perfectly outlined sales page, btw.)

  • How to finally trust that it’s safe to bring your full, weird, wacky, sexy, crazy wild self into ALL parts of your business

    (This process will shift that shit for realsies.)

  • How to fully embody your worth so that clients seek YOU out instead of the other way around

  • How to uniquely position yourself so that you eliminate the competition and position yourself to become a major influencer in your space

    (No matter how crowded it currently feels)

I’ll be live streaming daily to share everything it takes to completely transform your business into something you’re really fucking proud of AND a total money maker.

I’ll share the exercises, journal prompts and mindset hacks it takes to become a boss ass bitch that does things on her own terms.

Because it’s time to live the life you dreamed of when you started this.

Have total freedom to be yourself, spend time doing shit you love outside your business, and make a crap ton of money while having fun.

IMPORTANT: This is not for you if you’re really attached to struggling your ass off
and working 15 hour days to get your business up.

My best months in business ALWAYS happen when I’m traveling, playing, and sharing from the heart while living my best life.

At the end of this challenge you’ll be so fucking tapped into your power and what’s truly possible that you’ll wonder why you didn’t figure this out sooner.

You may also see some pretty epic shifts and results in just 5 days together - so buckle up baby girl, let’s fucking do this.

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