You've ticked every box, and on the outside it looks like you have it all. You're a high achiever who has built your dream from the ground up. You've put yourself out there, hit your goals, and your work more than supports you. You've made it, right?

And yet, deep down you know there’s more to life than what’s in your bank account. Despite outward appearances, you're running on fumes.

You can't help but feel you as though you've wandered from your dreams. You always wanted a life of passion and purpose — instead, you feel alone, unfulfilled, and directionless.

Depressing, right? Well, are you ready for some good news? You’ve got exactly what it takes to turn things around.


  • Dive deep into work you loved every single day, instead of stressing over what’s beyond your control

  • Define success by the impact you create, not just by the money you make

  • Play to your strengths and let go of everything else(this is a game changer-and nobody is talking about it)

  • Clarify your needs and envision a new day-to-day reality that leaves you feeling energized, not drained

  • Create a life filled with passion, instead of numbing yourself to get by

  • Take bold action that allows you to make a big impact, rather than waiting for things to change


You’re meant to blaze a trail that’ll leave a lasting mark. It's time to go all in and create a life filled with meaning and excitement.


You’re not into haphazard business models or get-rich-quick schemes. You’re into making a real impact and living a life you love. That's why my holistic six-month coaching program is designed around your unique vision and strengths.

Conscious Compass is all about taking your existing business and pointing it to your true north. It's about taking bold action, and building upon a firm foundation for ongoing success. Together, we’ll dig deep, kick the excuses to the curb, and catapult your life and business to the next level.


When we work together you'll take part in holistic, customized coaching built around your exact needs. We'll focus on infusing passion into all areas of your life, including:


How You Work: Waking up every day and pursuing work you love is the holy grail of modern society — and it’s totally within your grasp. We’ll put our heads together to lay the foundation of a business that feels good, meets your goals, and builds your legacy.


How You Earn: An amazing lady like yourself once said, “There are people who have money and people who are rich.” (Her name was Coco Chanel). We’ll get to the heart of what you want to be making and why so you can enrich your life in even more important ways.


How You Live: As a certified Holistic Health Coach, we'll make sure you have everything you need to look, feel, and be well. This is absolutely essential if you're committed to creating a life you love. My philosophy is all about balance and I'll teach you all about it during our time together. 


How You Play: Remember when you used to do things for fun? Your inner child is a huge part of your successful, adult self. We'll explore old and new interests, playing with passion and encouraging curiosity. Play can become part of your competitive advantage and I'll show you how.


How You Think: A crucial piece in cultivating the life you want. We'll build a routine filled with affirming beliefs and intentions to support you on your journey and remind yourself of how incredible you are. This is as much woo-woo as it is practical, and you'll be amazed at how quickly things transform when you use this stuff daily.


How You Lead: I'm willing to bet empowering others is important to you. Not just leading, but leading consciously. We'll talk about what it means to be a holistic leader and arm you with all the tools you need to become the leader you're meant to be.


Picture a bridge where each of these elements is one of its trusses. Every one of them is important, and they work together to provide safe passage and forge a path ahead.




“I was tired — physically exhausted — from daily negativity, skeptical thinking, and worrying. I can’t put a price on what it feels like to have that burden lifted. While Julia has the expertise to focus on any one area I am struggling with, she sees the big picture too. I’ll never spend another day suffering from the guilt of not pursuing the life I want to live.”

-Ava S.


That bridge to success sounds pretty sweet, but what if you can’t stop looking down as you’re crossing? The view from where you are can feel comfortable, even if it’s unfulfilling, and taking bold action can be scary. You may be tempted to wait for the exact right moment.



Here's the truth: Success doesn't wait for perfection. When we work together you'll push yourself outside of your comfort zone and tackle your fears head on. We'll align your passion and creativity, excuses be damned. Believe me, it’s a lot easier to make a living putting your heart and soul into work you’re actually invested in.


Change can be as terrifying as it is exhilarating, so it’s natural to approach major life upheaval with fear and doubt. But the truth is you have a lot more control than you think you do. You possess incredible strengths, and once we identify them, we’ll get straight to work designing your life around them.


Your soul-sucking job? That unsettling feeling of emptiness and stunted potential? Giiiiirl, I’ve been there.


My twisting, winding path led me to understand the value of impact over income. I went from a soul-sucking corporate career to a vibrant coaching practice, but I wasn't truly happy until I learned to define success on my own terms.


After undergoing my own quest for fulfillment I knew I couldn't be the only one searching for deeper meaning in my work. So I created Conscious Compass to help kickass, driven women like you find your true north.




"Julia has connected feelings and actions to figure out my ‘why.’ She has a holistically-minded approach that gets to the core values and strengths each person possesses. She is always looking at the big picture of how things fit together and tailors her sessions to whatever comes up in a focused manner so each call is productive and takes steps forward."

-Sarah G.


Our coaching sessions will be customized for your needs, and they’ll follow a roadmap that’s been proven time and time again. This means taking into account every facet of who you are and what your dreams look like so you take the right steps to build your version of success.


Here's what you'll get:


  • Welcome Packet

    • You’ll start exploring your goals for our time together and what really matters to you. During our first call, we’ll get on the same page while we get to know each other.

  • 3-hour intensives (x 2)

    • These babies are game changers. Use them for a deep dive before, during or after our 6-months together. OR get real crazy and combine them for a one-day San Francisco intensive!

  • 45-Minute Calls (x 18)

    • Every week we'll make strategic progress towards your goals while remaining flexible enough to handle any new concerns or issues you may have.

  • Unlimited Email Access

    • The world doesn’t wait for anyone’s schedule, so even if we’re between sessions, you’ll be able to email me anytime something comes up.

  • Customized Resources & Connections

    • One of my super powers is being a connector. I'm always thinking about who or what I can connect my clients with to take things to the next level. This might look like books, podcasts, or even an industry influencer.


Your life could be so amazing, you know that? You could be playing to your strengths, amplifying your business, and building your legacy doing what you love — on and off the clock.


Let Conscious Compass be your guide to the future you’ve always hoped for. Through personalized coaching, you’ll tackle the roadblocks holding you back and open the door to the most fulfilling life you can imagine.


Your Investment: $10,000

*Payment plans available.


Conscious Compass clients rave about their experience because they get real results. I only work with women I feel completely aligned with, and who are 100% committed to doing the hard work and taking the bold actions required to create a life they love.


That’s why I accept clients by application only. I have a highly limited number of private coaching spots available, so if Conscious Compass is for you, apply now so we can get you on the right path ASAP.




"Julia held me accountable, and she gave me the priceless gift of self-love. I would never be at the happy place that I am in my life right now if I didn’t have her guidance and support."

-Briana S.


Lady, you are incredible.


You’re driven, you’re strong, and you’ve got this. You just need a guide to show you what I can already see.


You deserve to live a life that energizes you, and the world needs the secret sauce only you can provide. I’m here to help you make that happen.


So if you’re ready to push fear and doubt out the window — if you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone into something way more awesome — I can’t wait to work with you.